Women in Film: In This Our Life (1942)

In This Our Life is an American drama film directed by John Huston. The screenplay by Howard Koch is based on the novel of the same name by Ellen Glasgow. The star studded cast includes Bette Davis and Olivia de Havilland as sisters and rivals. The film was completed in 1942, but disapproved in 1942 for foreign release by the wartime Office of Censorship because it dealt with racial discrimination.

During production Bette Davis became concerned over John Huston’s relationship with Olivia de Havilland. She and de Havilland worked well together, but Davis feared John Huston would favor de Havilland with close ups, lighting, and editing. Davis ended up over acting to compensate for any favoritism. Once Huston found out of this, he immediately confronted Davis and said nothing would prevent him from making a good film. According to Davis, Huston’s Irish charm dispelled any fears she had from then on.

The film co-stars George Brent, Dennis Morgan, Frank Craven, Billie Burke, Charles Coburn, and Hattie McDaniel.


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